AVALANCHE Snow Rake Deluxe

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For 20 years Avalanche! has been the leading roof snow removal solution because it’s easy to use and very effective. Avalanche snow roof rake products make avoiding ice dams on your roof easy. If you have ever used a snow roof rake you know what back breaking work it can be. with the Avalanche! you simply slide it up the roof and the snow falls off the roof with little effort. Avalanche! is great for reaching the hard to get to areas near roof peaks and high ledges. Great Price and Great Features: 24-Inch wide durable plastic rake head. Deluxe model includes built in wheels to help prevent shingle damage, 20-Feet pole in five to 4-Feet sections, snap on couplers, and convenient storage bracket, and a vinyl end grip.Avalanche! snow rake uses a 24-inch-wide rake head for reaching the hard-to-get areas near roof peaks and high ledges