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Heat tape for gutters is the primary cable in your gutter heaters system.  You can’t set up your weather proofing unless you have the right kind of gutter heaters.  They also extend the lifespan of your gutters and roofs.  They prevent damage to your house, therefore, saving you the cost of repairs.

Heat tape for gutters is used for De-icing the roofs and gutters of your home.  They can be installed in the gutters or loops on top of your roof.  They keep the ice and snow, when it melts, from building up long icicles. Icicles that can damage not only the roof of your house, but the inside of your attic and walls of your house.  They are the best way to prevent build up of ice and snow in the heavy snow storms. They can also save you a lot of money in repair bills come spring time.

Heat tape for gutters comes in lengths of 30 to 150 feet long.  They automatically turn on when the temperature falls below 40 degrees.  To understand how they work, you have to know how icicles and ice build up on your roof.  When it snows and sticks to the top of your roof, it then starts to melt due to the heat from your house.  As the snow melts and drips down the eaves and gutters, where there is no heat to keep melting it, it freezes and forms icicles. As it keeps melting, the water creates dam like area and prevent water from running off.  It forms icicles that may be pretty hanging from your house, but they also put a lot of pressure on the roof of your house.

Preventing Ice Dams with Heat Tape For Gutters

If they get too large, they will damage your house and the underling structure of your roof.  As it warms up, the icicles melt down the side of your house, but Heat Tape For Guttersthey also melt into your attic, causing water damage. You’ll have to replace the insulation to prevent further damage.  When you use heat tape for gutters you don’t have any of this type of damage because it prevents the icicles from forming. Therefore, saving you the cost of repairing your attic and roof.

To prevent more heat lose from the attic; install more insulation to keep it cooler, so it doesn’t melt the snow.  Look for hidden air leaks that let heat into the attic and under the eaves.  Seal them to prevent warm air into the top of the house.  Hidden leaks can be found around fan housings, electrical fixtures, and where plumping goes up to the next level. You also find them around stairways and heat and cooling ducts in the crawl spaces.  Either use caulk or Sheetrock and insulation to prevent more warm air into the top of the house.

After you’ve taken care of stopping as much heat as you can to the top of your house, then install heat tape for gutters. They will prevent icicles from forming along the top of your house, along the eaves, and roof valleys when the snow melts. They are specific designed to keep ice from forming along the eaves of your house.

Heat tape for gutters or gutter heaters are specifically designed to prevent ice dams that damage your house. As the winter progresses, the freezing and thawing will cause all kinds of damage to your house if you don’t have a way to keep the water from freezing as it drips off your house.

The cost of gutter heater cables depends on how big your roof is and how much heat tape it will need to prevent ice from forming.  You should have them run the entire length of your gutter systems.  If you can, you should have them running along the eaves, as well. That’s what prevents ice dams from forming.

Selecting and Installing Heat Tape For Gutters

You can have heat tape for gutters installed professional or install them yourself.  If you’re the type of do-it-yourselfer, then you won’t have any problems installing them on your roof and under the eaves.  They’re not that hard to install.

There are different brands of heat tape for gutters. It depends on what’s in your area and to a certain extent, how much you want to pay for them.  Of course, they all do the same thing; some are just better made than others.  That doesn’t mean they won’t keep the ice from forming, they will, it means they will last longer and are more efficient than some brands.  Of course, the less expensive brands don’t last as long and are more expensive to run.  They pull more electricity than energy efficient heat tape for gutters.

Installing heat tape for gutters will keep the damage to your house at a minimum.  It’s not the icicles that cause the damage, it’s the ice and water you can’t see that will cause you the most problems.  If you don’t have gutter heater system, sometime during the winter you’ll notice water leaking from the attic into your living room.  That will be from the ice and water that has worked its way passed all the insulation and found a crack to follow.  The small drip will be nothing compared to the water damage that you will find in the crawl spaces and the attic.  Heat tape for gutters not only keep your house free of ice and snow, but will save you a lot of money in repairs once winter is over.