HeatTrak HTM24-5B Industrial Snow-Melting Walkway Mat, 24-Inch by 5-Foot, 240 Volt

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HeatTrak’s Industrial Snow-Melting Walkway Mat melts snow on contact to keep your walkway safe and snow-free all winter long. It is the safe and easy way to help prevent winter slips and falls – without salt or shoveling. Just turn the mat on when snow starts to fall, and watch even the heaviest snow melt – up to 2 inches an hour. In contrast to the HeatTrak Residential Products which are made exclusively for home use, the Industrial Products are intended for commercial or industrial facilities. These products are ideal for hospitals, universities, restaurants, office buildings, and other areas with heavy foot traffic. The Industrial Snow-Melting Walkway Mat is waterproof and designed to be left outside all winter long. It is built with an electrically operated heating element sandwiched between two protective surfaces of reinforced SBR rubber, making it as durable as automobile tires and allowing it to endure harsh wear. This Walkway Mat contains its own equipment leakage circuit interrupter (ELCI) power cord which plugs directly into any standard 240V outlet and contains a 6 ft. cord. Product Specifications: � Size: 24-inch x 5-foot � Thickness: 1/2-inch � Grommet Size (Inner Diameter): 3/8-inch � Material: Reinforced SBR rubber � Voltage: 240Vac. Amps: 1.3. Watts: 300 � Circuit breaker rating: 15A � ELCI trip level: 30mA � Cord lead length: 6 ft � Cord gauge: 14/3 SJTW � This product is proudly made in the USA240-volt industrial snow-melting walkway mat; measures 24 inches wide by 5 feet long